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Anfatec's digital LockIn amplifiers

Anfatec's lockin amplifiers use a unique DSP technology which is only found in these instruments.
The amazingly high speed of real-time data processing combined with optimized analogue input stages enables us,
to provide fully digitally designed high quality filtering in multi-functional devices.
digital DSP-type LockIn  (1 MHz)
eLockIn 204 

digital LockIn as PCI board
- AMU2.x -

Special features

  • Real 4-channel lockin amplification

  • Dual harmonic & Dual input

  • 5 nV/Hz0.5 input noise @ 100 kHz

  • 14-bit 40 MHz over-sampled DSP design

  • graphical display vs. time & frequency

dual input digital DSP-type LockIn  (1 MHz)
eLockIn 204/2 
  • 14-bit sine wave generation 0.1mVrms to 7 Vrms

dual input digital DSP-type LockIn  (250 kHz)
eLockIn 203

  • Synchronous filtering over full frequency range

  • 0.01 Hz up to 1 MHz, 135dB dynamic reserve

  • data width: 64/96-bit, results: float

  • remote control via TCP/IP

  • USB data storage

Click here for a brief comparison between the models eLockIn204, eLockIn203 & eLockIn204/2.